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TV Week vintage, Collectables, Memorabilia, 1965

7 Days (The Sunday Herald-Sun)
Listener-In / Listener-In TV / TV Scene / Scene
Observer TV
This Week (The Sunday Age)
TV / TV Guide (Sunday Herald Sun)
TV and Video Digest
TV Guide (Family Circle)
TV Guide (Melbourne)
TV Guide (South Australia)
TV Guide (Sunday Mail)
TV Guide (Sunday Telegraph)
TV Hits
TV Magazine (Gold Coast Bulletin)
TV Magazine (The Sunday Age)
TV News (Esron Publications)
TV Radio Extra (South Australia)
TV Scene (The Sunday Mail)
The Soap
TV Star
TV Times
TV Week
TV Weekly (New Zealand)
TV World (Regal Publications, Richmond)
TV Radio Tonight (Adelaide)
Women’s Weekly (TV Weekly, Your Free TV Magazine, TV World)